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Using Goldwave for practice on languages

These days, and in the recent decades,  we have been able to find recorded books on CD, make downloads to the computer,  and use software like Goldwave (at to manipulate these recordings to our advantage for learning languages, and to make recordings for this purpose as well.

There are probably other software programs as well, check them out.  Goldwave can be downloaded on a trial basis for free.  If it meets your needs, you can buy a license.  They continue to upgrade the program, so they are spending the license money on R&D.

I took a short look at Audacity.  One concern was that it had trouble opening the file, saying it was a Windows media file, and it could not be opened on Audacity.  I went to some other music CD’s that clearly came off CD’s (not burned discs), and they opened just fine.  They may have been recorded by Realplayer and not WMP.  Anyway, otherwise it seemed that Audacity had some of the same controls, I just haven’t learned to run them.

On Goldwave, you can slow the speed of the  recording down.  First of all, save it, I call it xxx-10 or -20, and save it at a playback rate (the little Hz button) of either 40000 or 36000.  It will save the recording at that slower rate.  You can make the program repeat.

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As much as possible, think in the language.